Will I be without power/water/gas during the remodel?

Yes, there will be times when this occurs. You will be notified in advance and depending on the project, never more than 6 hours.

Do we need permits for a remodel?

Yes and No, depending on your scope of work. Getting a permit when required is both good for the homeowner as will as the contractor. It gets a third pair of eyes on the project.

Will you help to design the space and pickout finishes, appliances, etc.

We are happy to help design your space, however when selecting your final finishes and appliances we give you the sizes and amounts of what is need. We also refer you to stores that offer our clients discounts.

Who will manage my project? Will they be available to answer my questions?

I (Shawn Boelman) will manage your project. There will technicians on site during work hours to answer your questions. If they cannot answer them, my phone is on 24/7.

Will you help determine a budget for my remodeling project?

I cannot give you a budget amount. I do not know your finances. If you give me a budget number you can afford, I can give you a proposal for your project and stay within.

Can I live in my home during renovations?

Yes, there are very rare projects which would require you to relocate, but it does happen.

What measures will be taken to product my home from dust and debris during the renovation?

We build plastic walls, tape off doorways and do the best to seal off the work area from the rest of the home.